Meet Malia Kline, Supersonic Grammarista

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Hello, my name is Malia (pronounced like Maria with an “l” instead of an “r”). I’ve worked as a writer/producer/creative director for radio and television stations, in corp comm and marketing departments, and for award-winning ad agencies. I think my 360-degree career experience has given me first-hand knowledge of the challenges of internal communications, the value of consistent branding from an ad agency perspective, and the realities of media production. I don’t dress well enough to be called a “fashionista, ” so I’ve settled for the label “grammarista. ” I’m working hard not to be insufferable about it. Some would say I’m failing miserably.

In addition to writing stuff, I’m known as a human spell-checker and AP Style guru. Among many, many other things, you can count on me to make sure you don’t suffer the public embarrassment of using postal code abbreviations when you should be using true state abbreviations. Say what? Read my blog for my take on paying attention attention to style guidelines, word usage and grammar, even in posts and tweets.

Oh, yeah. More and more often, North American subsidiaries of companies based in the EU, call on me to make sure copy generated across the pond and beyond is properly Americanized, as opposed to Americanised.

I guess that’s it. See, no matter what my friends say, I do know when to stop talking about myself.